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CrossFit classes are 1 hour group classes. Participants warm up, practice skills, lift weights and complete intense conditioning workouts under the supervision and guidance of a trained coach. These classes incorporate both strength training and conditioning components to increase the athlete’s overall physical fitness levels.

Strong people will get faster and increase their endurance (while maintaining or improving their strength) and endurance athletes will get stronger and more explosive through the varied programming that is provided by the gym.

blue lightning bolt CrossFitKIDS

CrossFit Kids classes teach children how to have fun working out while learning how to effectively and safely move their bodies. Younger kids’ classes focus on basic movements such as running, jumping, pulling, pushing and gymnastics movements. Older kids will also learn the basics of safe weight lifting. Kids of all ages also get to meet new friends, play active games, and engage in special events and competitions throughout the year.

blue lightning bolt Elements

Elements is a 6 class program introducing the fundamentals of CrossFit. Perfect for the beginner or anyone who has never done CrossFit movements before. The first Elements class is on us! Sign up here.

blue lightning bolt Personalized programming/Personal training

If you are looking for more 1 on 1 attention personalized programming/ Personal training is for you! Contact for more info.

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