Crossfit For Everyone

No matter your level, we can help guide you through the process.

blue lightning bolt Step 1: Take a Free Class

Take a free class! Contact us and schedule an Element’s (Beginners) Class. These are held Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6am and 6:30pm. The point of this class is familiarize you with the structure of our classes and to introduce you to our gym.

blue lightning bolt Step 2: Sign Your Contract

Sign your contract. Your contract is month-to-month and locks you into the current membership rate.

blue lightning bolt Step 3: Elements Classes

Elements classes are designed to take you through all of the basics (barbell lifts, skills, modifications for things that you cannot yet do, explanations of movements, etc) so that you are comfortable enough to hop into regular classes safely.  The cost of these sessions is rolled into your first month’s membership (ie: your first few classes would be Elements).

After you have been given the OK from your Elements coach, you can go into regular classes and enjoy the class atmosphere, the energy, and the environment that CrossFit gives you. Our coaches will be there with you every step up the way, helping you through the tough moments and cheering you on through the small victories that happen along your journey.


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